REVIEW: G-raphy Camera Insert Camera Bag

I was looking for a medium size insert bag that can fit my essential photography gear for my Mission Workshop Sanction 20-liter Rucksack backpack and came across the G-graphy Camera Insert on Amazon. The dimensions weren’t clear because they had two different listings (wtf mate!?😱) Luckily, it was able to fit pretty well. I decided to measure the bag myself and can assure you the dimensions are the following: 9.5in (length) 4.5in (width) x 12.5in (height). It also came with a strap for you to use it as a shoulder bag. Considering the padding isn’t substantial, it’d make me nervous to use the insert as a separate bag.


The Pros

  • It’s light and portable.
  • It’s waterproof! Or so as they say and illustrated in their Amazon listing. It’s a plus on top of my weatherproof backpack.
  • The dividers can be adjusted however you like. They can also be removed partially or entirely.
  • It has a handle which you can use to easily pull the insert out from your main bag.

The Cons

  • The sleeves on the inside of the cover are useful if whatever you put in there is snug. However, if you close the cover quick enough, anything non-snug can come flying. Say if you had a tripod plate and one of your lenses didn’t have a cover to protect the glass, it will potentially be scratched up. **Luckily, there’s an easy hack fix to the loose sleeves as I’ve illustrated in the photo above. Since the inside of the cover works with velcro, all I did was slapped on two pieces of Velcro strips and wala! You now have fuzzy functional latching mechanisms.**
  • The padding keeps your gear from getting scratched, but it’ll probably not prevent breaks from unintentional drops. It just feels like the stuff you would get from a brand new TV.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s a decent functioning insert and should be treated as such. Your gear will be protected as long you’re not aggressively chucking your bag around. I would buy an extra just to be able to swap different sets of equipment.

If you’re thinking about buying the bag insert or any other products I’ve mentioned, I’d appreciate you greatly if you used the links below. It’ll help me continue to supply y’all with reviews. 🙂

Thank you and happy shooting!

– Bing

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